Welcome to Classic Design Associates

Classic Design Associates comes to you with over forty years of combined experience in design. We continue to create the standard for innovative design for your home, merchandising for the model home market, and inviting, creative style for your business spaces.

From modestly priced models to luxury homes and offices, we offer a uniquely diversified approach to each project based upon the needs of the client budget and life-style requirements. Dynamic interiors are created by specifying finishes, furnishings and materials planned to be functional as well as creative and exciting.

From contemporary to traditional, our interiors continue to exude warmth, personality, and style and are a step above the rest. Our design team is professionally trained and educated to understand construction techniques, space planning and finish schedules.

Reaching far beyond fabric, furniture and accessory knowledge, we offer our clients the opportunity to maximize the scope of their design job and create a beautiful space which will serve their needs for many years.

Customer service is always our first priority……




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